Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lets Fix New York State!

Well, New York state finally has a budget. Sort of. Our blind Governor first signed the wrong version of the spending bill. Great! So, when he finally signed the right bill what did we get? More taxes, more regulation, and a nice increase in state spending. Again. Isn't enough enough already? From 2008 to 2010, state spending has gone up over 11%. 11% as compared to a consumer inflation index of 2.6%. SNIFF! SNIFF! Do I smell PORK somewhere? How about lack of oversight? Lack of fraud investigation? Lack of JOB creation? Hmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see............................. How about ALL of that and more? New York spends 1 billion a week on Medicaid funding! But thats OK! No problem! Charlie Rangel has 4 apartments that are rent subsidized. BY US! Go Charlie! Charlie is so crooked he is under investigagtion by the state Attorney general, and they belong to his own party! If Charlie is "nudged" in retirement, he won't be hurting! Thats for sure. So, how about we stop the same crooked dealings that seem to permeate through Albany. Let's do something usefull! Let's create some jobs! It's not that hard! To start, we do what has been proposed in the past:

A moratorium on NEW taxes and regulations for at least 5 years! That would benefit small businesses, farms, manufacturing, the service sector and the transportation sector in New York.

A cap on state spending. Wow! A lot less PORK! And to make sure it is adhered to, we make it a constitutional cap on state spending.

A tax credit for every NEW job that is reflected in a companies total payroll, and an additional credit if the person that was hired was on unemployment or welfare.

Repeal the state sales tax on clothing.

Aggressively go after medicaid fraud.

Eliminate agency overlap, and reassign or not fill any created vacancies.

Eliminate the state red tape, extra taxes and fees that put a damper on business in New York, and threaten to drive away businesses that are here now.

Expand the state hydropower program that gives businesses a break on their utility bills.

Repair New Yorks crumbling infrastructure. MANY bridges and overpasses in New York are unsafe. A good number are actually crumbling.

Reduce the high tolls tractor trailers must pay to use the state thruway system.

New York can be fixed. We have a vibrant state with a rich history that can become so much more if we make our politicians do what we elcted them to do! But, we only have ourselves to blame! Why? Simple! Every election we listen to the same line of political bullshit from the same lame politicians and we send them back to Albany time and time again! Charlie Rangel is a perfect example. So is Tom DeNapoli. Long time bottom feeders at the public trough. as they say: CHANGE IS GOOD! Make your vote count!

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