Friday, September 24, 2010

The Paladino Paradox

Well here we are, almost at the end of September, and about 5 weeks until election day. Boy are things getting interesting here in New York! Rick Lazio lost the primary for governor of New York. He lost to an unknown political upstart- Carl Paladino. Here, we run into a major problem. Lazio wasn't supposed to lose. Everyone assumed he would coast to victory over the unknown tea party activist. it didn't happen that way! Not only did Lazio lose, he lost bad! Poor Rick! Albany's crystal ball had a meltdown and didn't work. Lazio represented the same old lame ass "old School" politics that New Yorkers are so tired of. He always will. So, Lazio got shot down in flames and now Andrew Cuomo is up against Paladino. Talk about more of the same old school politics! Poor Andy is still riding his daddy's coattails. Mario is doing everything he can I bet to see to it that junior wins. Well, even that is starting to look somewhat doubtful! A poll by Quinnipiac University shows Cuomo ahead by only 6 points. Not much! Cuomo is telling everyone he is not paying attention to the polls. He better. Theres a dark shadow coming up behind Andy, and it's Carl Paladino followed by a few million pissed off New Yorkers. New York's government is so dysfunctional it's a wonder anything gets done! Carl Paladino vows to clean Albany up with a baseball bat. I admit, I doubt he seriously means that, but I am sure he is going to make needed changes in Albany and to our state government. Paladino vows to cut state spending by 20%. Sound hard? Maybe.....................But, if you cut out all the waste in Albany, it is a lot easier. What happens in New York is also set to happen all across the country as voters gear up to clean political house this November. The Democrats are certain to  lose the House, and quite possibly the Senate. If so, Obama will be dead in the water to implement any more of his radical agenda. Rahm Emanuel may step down and run for Mayor of Chicago. I hope he does! Sincerely, I hope he wins. he will be right at home with Chicago's corrupt politics and infighting. Obama's approval rating is now down to 42%. You go Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Take that rating right to the basement with you! So, now a lot of people sit back and ask, "what can I do to change things"? Simple. VOTE! We as Americans take for granted our right and our liberties. We shouldn't. ALL of them can be taken away with the stroke of a pen. Ask the Germans what Hitler did. Our voter apathy in New York is among the worst in the nation. Time to change it. November 2nd is coming. Quickly. The winds of change are afoot in New York, and in many other parts of the country. Make those flames even stronger. VOTE, and make a difference in our government. Carl Paladino, Chris Christie, Christine O'Donell, Meg Whitman. All of them and many more, out to make a change for the better in America. Now, it's up to YOU to do your part. And as for Carl Paladino- RUN CARL, RUN! Even IF Carl does lose, he has done a lot to shake up the political scene in New York, and to actually make it fun again to watch the old school political trash squirm a little.

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